Our History

The company Tecnovap was founded 1985 in Negrar near Verona with the goal of manufacturing boilers with leading technologies for those times, for domestic use irons.
In these 30 years the company has grown continuously and evolved into a considerable partner in the professional and industrial sector; today Tecnovap exports its technology and product range in five continents and over 70 countries.
All products are studied, designed and realized exclusively in Italy.
Furthermore Tecnovap cooperates with multinational companies for the realization of new projects.
The success acquired also in this field substantiates the professional expertise of a company which is always searching for progress and innovative solutions  in order to propose them to the cleaning sector.
These 30 years shaped by activity and successes are the basis for Tecnovap being today one of the most important and innovative companies worldwide in the steam cleaning sector.

Our Technology

Tecnovap’s boilers are manufactured using exclusively AISI 304 stainless steel shells joined with a special welding technique “TIG” (Tungsten Insert Gas) realized by specialized technicians and hence manufactured without gaskets as a single body.

Designed by Tecnovap has the feature of developing and conducting the maximum power in a reduced space.
Such technical solution enabled Tecnovap to realize boilers for steam generation boasting with high power performances and restrained volumes.
The advantages are a lower quantity of water inside the boiler, smaller size and therefore less heat dissipation with an improvement of energy efficiency.

The water level control system is a primary component which ensures the correct functioning of a device equipped with a boiler with an automatic water topping-up system.
The system patented by Tecnovap and installed on its steam generators, allowed Tecnovap to be the forerunner of this technology.
True Temp Technology is one of the most reliable systems in the world due to its absolute efficiency (regardless the quality and temperature of the liquid introduced in the boiler), the considerable cost saving and the total absence of maintenance processes.

All steam generators manufactured by Tecnovap are fitted with two safety valves. Tecnovap always gives safety top priority.

Tecnovap equips its industrial and professional steam generators with tailor-made tanks placed internally and manufactured with high quality and heat resistant materials.
Their shape and position have been designed for absorbing the internal heat produced by the steam generator and for transferring such heat to the liquid within the tanks, therefore guaranteeing an improvement of energy efficiency.

Tecnovap is one of the few companies that realizes and entirely assembles the accessories within its production facility by using highest quality materials.
The accessories are tested for ensuring a proper functioning and the maximum reliability.

Tecnovap is a customer-oriented manufacturer structured to customize its production.

Tecnovap Technology