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Steam is certainly the most innovative cleaning tool among those proposed by car washes today, as it is an ecological cleaning system for car interiors and exteriors.


The steam allows you to neutralize bad smells, fight bacteria and mites, remove stains and halos and sanitize the passenger compartment in a completely natural way. Steam cleaning allows a limited use of water whose savings are estimated at around 90% less than traditional cleaning systems and do not require the use of chemicals. 

All these advantages determine the success of this application and a considerable increase in customer demand for this new cleaning method compared to those traditionally found in car washes.


No less significant and therefore always worthy of note is the cleaning of the exterior of the car, with the aid of steam, which removes the residues of wax and dirt accumulated over the years , penetrating the pores of the paint, recovering its original brilliance. Also in this case, the use of the water necessary for the production of the steam is minimal and consequently also the resulting waste residues, which often cause problems and complications, are practically non-existent.

Tecnovap offers to car washes, petrol stations, body shops and tire repairers a range of steam generators with powers from 3.6kW to 15.6Kw and with operating pressures from 6 to 10 bar; generators entirely conceived, designed and built in their factories in Italy. 

The models that are most widely used in the car wash sector are the steam generators of the Steam Tech and Junior Star Max line . Available in various models with different powers and pressures, they are offered with specific accessories such as the “Car Wash” steam / suction kit, used for cleaning the interior of the passenger compartment or the “July” steam handle with lance, for cleaning the bodywork.

Last, but certainly at the forefront as regards the “innovation” aspect, we mention the new product ” Car Hygiene Plus “, a column created by Tecnovap for self service , which combines a three-phase steam generator with a vacuum cleaner / wet vacuum cleaner turbine and which offers the possibility of using steam and suction or only steam, differentiating the use of accessories according to the cleaning needs.

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